The SportsBio automated attendance program was first developed in 2014, by Gold Coast IT specialist Wayne Turner.

The focus of SportsBio is to organise and protect all community sporting organisations via an attendance recognition system.

SportsBio initially created fingerprint-generated recording for the logging of sports players, which had many benefits for both clubs and players. While the seamlessness of the fingerprint concept was acceptable, it was hindered by a 20% failure rate.

The failure rate ranged from player error, poor fingerprint recording due to oily, dirty or greasy skin and the fact the local server couldn’t support sporting codes that played away games.

Fine-tuning the product for best results

In 2018, Wayne modified the recognition from fingerprints to the revolutionary facial recognition system, which held many challenges as the concept of a webserver evolved to effortlessly record both home and away games. Finally, with the help of Gold Coast software programmer Neil Agar, Wayne reached his goal and the game-changing facial recognition sporting attendance program was born.

Next came the testing, which was demanding because the program could only achieve a 95% success rate due to the influence of poor lighting at the points of entry, limiting the team from reaching the desired 99% success rate target.

After turning his focus to webcams and LED lighting, Wayne introduced a state-of-the-art webcam to reach 99% accuracy.

The next focus was the speed of the facial recognition response times, which due to the introduction of some complex algorithms, managed to achieve the response within a few seconds. The system is so simple-to-use, taking only a few seconds with the use of a 4G mobile phone to reach its necessary requirements.

What the future holds

Finally, following live testing in early 2019, a 99% success rate was achieved, which has led to plans to bring every sporting code around the world into the 21st century with Wayne and his team’s cutting-edge system.

Wayne is excited by the fact that if a local club, anywhere in the world, requires a change or an expansion of the functionality, this can generally be achieved with ease because the system is built by locals for all global local sporting communities.

Covid-19 Innovation

With the risk of infection through contact the SportsBio team embarked on a Zero Contact attendance solution. The introduction of Blink Technology was the obvious choice in our ever changing world. The SportsBio system automatically recognises a human face and with the blink of the eye the facial image is captured for a positive recognition response. The Blink Technology is cutting edge and the best way to combat contact transmissions.