The Easy Way to Capture Game-Day Data

SportsBio is a brand-new system that will revolutionise how all sporting organisations monitor player attendance to their events. The SportsBio Facial Recognition Program removes the risk of human error by automating the attendance process of players on game days, with future plans to include referees and loyalty programs.

With up to 99% accuracy, the SportsBio system measures Facial Recognition in 1.2 seconds then automatically stores the information, noting the exact time and date that a player has attended their sporting match.

There is also the ability to create specialised reports based on the gathered data, which can be helpful when compiling club information.

Automated Entry to Sports Games

This automated process removes the need for manual data entry, which was often a job for volunteers the week following the match and therefore posed the risk of mistakes being introduced into the information.

By replacing the volunteer paradigm, clubs are free of the need to source unpaid helpers for data entry, which is becoming a growing issue for many clubs. Also, volunteers’ can better utilise their time for other club activities, such as organising and resources.

Local sporting clubs can use the system to help eliminate fraudulent sign-ons, whereby players decide to sign on their mates when they are not in attendance or player swap in important games. This type of fraudulent behaviour has damaged the morale and playing ability of many community club members over time.

Suitable for all types of Australian sport, there are plans to launch the SportsBio program overseas, as well as introduce extended applications, such as payment gateways, enhanced security for more accurate verification and player loyalty programs.