Facial recognition Attendance Solutions

The SportsBio Facial Recognition Attendance Program is set to revolutionise the way community sporting clubs log player attendance at all local and away games.

The portable technology used to record player entry and participation at every game is simple-to-use and does away with the need for volunteer data-entry staff, which is becoming increasingly harder to find these days.

SportsBio creates seamless reporting, enabling the production of standard and custom reports that are tailored to suit individual organisation requirements.

Looking to the future

The software can be reprogrammed with ease for so many applications, including streamlining the payroll process for referee draws and invoices. SportsBio will help club organisers allocate referees to their independent games and payment schemes, depending on what level their qualifications. This will help dissolve any discrepancies when tracking earnings accrued.

The technology can be configured to suit a multitude of purposes.