How it works

Attendance Record

SportsBio records player attendance dates and times to maintain up-to-date information, doing away with the reliance on volunteers to input the data during their leisure time and reducing the risk of human error.

Home and away games

SportsBio collects attendance information seamlessly using portable Facial Recognition software via computer, kiosk or tablets. Whether playing home or away games, the system can be tailored for specific sporting events.


No matter where your players are located around Australia or the world, SportsBio mobile Facial Recognition technology accurately collects player attendance date and time records.

Active Members

Avoid non-financial members robbing clubs of unpaid registrations with SportsBio’s data-capture technology. SportsBio ensures all players are full financial members by allowing easy access to file records.


Prove player eligibility using SportsBio with almost 100% accurate identity checking during finals and tournaments. This feature improves player accountability by reducing the risk of non-sanctioned player swapping.


SportsBio simplifies the injury reporting process as incidents are recorded in real-time, coupled with exact date and time attendance details to satisfy insurance claims.


SportsBio can produce both standard and customised reports for local associations by cataloguing measured data about player statistics.